Jason Neal

Jason Neal was born in Augusta, GA on Sep. 8, 1980. He began his drumming career at the age of 14 by playing locally in nightclubs and venues while still attending middle school. High school introduced a new world of drumming including Jazz Band, marching band, and symphonic band. Jason excelled in all of these. It was a bit of a struggle trying to balance gigging and school work but four years later Jason graduated from high school and took on music full time.He toured with Elliot Holden (as featured in Guitar Player magazine), Patrick Blanchard (member of Shawn Mullins Band), and The Big Mighty. All of these groups toured the Southeast successfully until Jason chose The Big Mighty as his full time gig. They played many colleges, festivals, and highly respected music venues as well as making a new home in Virginia Beach, VA. After eight years of grueling touring/recording the band decided to call it quits. Jason then decided to take on a full time job at a local music store in Virginia Beach.

About six months into the job he received notice that a nationally known band had parted ways with their drummer and they were holding auditions. Jason quickly jumped on the opportunity. After a fairly lengthy audition and two “trial” shows, Jason is now a member of Vanguard Recording Artist, Carbon Leaf. The band is now taking a break from touring to write and record a new record.

MapleWorks Custom Drums- Natural Maple Satin Finish
20×22 Kick
10×10 Rack Tom
14×14 Floor Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
6×14 Snare

:: http://www.myspace.com/carbonleaf
:: http://www.carbonleaf.com