:: All lugs come standard in chrome.
:: All lugs and drum hoops can be powder-coated to almost any color.
:: Lug/drum hoop powder coating is an extra $50 per drum
:: Brass finish is not available on the MapleWorks Drums Custom Lug, Slingerland Style, or Yamaha Taillight Style lugs.


MapleWorks Drums Custom Lug

Tube Lug

Yamaha Tailight Style Lug, Bowtie Lug, and Sugarcube Lug

Powder Coated Hoops



MapleWorks Drums Custom Lugs– Machined from solid aluminum blocks, this lug offers the ruggedness and stability, as well as a classy look to your MapleWorks Drum kit. These light weight, heavy-duty lugs are a great way to get a truly custom look with a surprisingly affordable cost.

Tube Lugs– A timeless classic look and feel is given with the always traditional tube lug. Tube lugs offer a solid steel construction with the tension rod receptacle tapped into the the piece, giving it a solid one-piece build.

Die-cast Lugs– The numerous variations of the die-cast lug give the customer numerous designs to choose from without the higher price tag.

When ordering, please specify your desired lugs; Standard Chrome Yamaha style lugs will be used unless otherwise specified.

Other lugs are available per request/availability.


The standard hoop used for all orders unless otherwise specified is a 2.3mm triple flange hoop. Other options such as die-cast, wood hoops, and Yamaha style wood hoops are also available upon request for an additional cost.

Powder Coating:

Powder coating for drum lugs and hardware is available in an almost unlimited assortment of colors. If you have a certain color in mind, just submit a sample when talking with a MapleWorks Drums representative and we will advise you of your options. Powder coating is an additional cost of $50 per drum.